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Our Solutions

Utility Scale Generation

As part of a Group of world market leaders in the construction of solar photovoltaic power plants, Gulf New Energy Group has access to an experience of over 450MW of installed solar power. Our grid-friendly multi-megawatt systems operate on the same level as conventional energy solutions.

Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants:
  • Future-proof, perfectly adjusted power plant system design
  • Leading grid-stabilizing technology
  • Tailor made engineered solar power plants
  • Excellent investment vs. performance ratio
  • Lowest possible levelized costs of solar energy (LCOE)
  • High speed power plant construction system (1MWp per day)

Fuel Displacement & Off-Grid

Diesel generators are used to secure the basic energy supply in areas where the public grid is absent. Despite comparatively low investment costs for purchasing diesel generators, the operating costs for maintenance and fuel are rather high. And crude oil prices are rising constantly, leading to a constant rise in operating costs. In addition, there is the challenge of securing Diesel supplies and transporting and storing them – not only a significant cost but also a constant hassle and a risk to smooth operations.

Fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 50% by installing a solar photovoltaic power system as an additional source of power. The cost of these photovoltaic systems has declined drastically which provides for a short amortization period of approximately 2-3 years.

Our Hybrid Power Systems are entirely additional to the Diesel generators, which remain the main source of power. But when the sun is available, the Diesel power generation is reduced by up to 50%. A Power Management System makes sure the Diesel generator is constantly running – but with reduced fuel consumption – and is not harmed or interrupted – a major consideration in designing such systems. Micro-grid stability and continued power supply are guaranteed and the optimum savings are realized.

Area of deployment:
  • Large industrial complexes
  • Water desalinization systems
  • Mines
  • Hospitals
  • Tourism facilities such as hotels or large holiday parks
  • Grid-remote villages

Commercial & Industrial Rooftop

Gulf New Energy Group designs, engineers and constructs photovoltaic systems on roof areas on private and commercial.

Whether flat or pitched, with tiles or a corrugated sheet roof - our engineers find the perfect solution for your building.

The Gulf New Energy Group all-in-one package:
  • 100% In-house: reliable execution by in-house assembly teams
  • Modern systems engineering ensures high energy outputs
  • Individual financing concepts
  • Long-term investment security
  • Comprehensive service package
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