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Project Development

As part of a Group of world market leaders in the construction of solar photovoltaic power plants, Gulf New Energy Group has access to an experience of over 450MW of installed solar power. Our grid-friendly multi-megawatt systems operate on the same level as conventional energy solutions.

Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants:
  • Future-proof, perfectly adjusted power plant system design
  • Leading grid-stabilizing technology
  • Tailor made engineered solar power plants
  • Excellent investment vs. performance ratio
  • Lowest possible levelized costs of solar energy (LCOE)
  • High speed power plant construction system (1MWp per day)

Financial Structuring

Financial Structuring and Transaction Management

Combining technical and financial expertise for the right risk/return ratio

Throughout the project - from project development to plant operation - the requirements of investors and banks need to be fulfilled at all times.

Financiers require:

A full set of clear due diligence reports confirming the assumptions of the financial model:
  • Legal due diligence report
  • Technical due diligence report including acceptance procedure
  • Yield report
  • Financial due diligence report, incl. tax report
  • Risk and insurance report
Sophisticated transaction documents approved by top law firms:
  • Property contracts
  • Grid Connection Agreements
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements for SPVs
  • Loan and Collateral Documentation
  • EPC Contracts and subcontracts, key procurement contracts
  • Operation and Maintenance Agreements

Gulf New Energy Group and its partners have access to a network of international and local investors and banks with an interest to invest in renewable power plants. However, each financier has a different requirement in risk/return structures. It is important to introduce the right project to the right financiers.

To assure financial closing as early as possible, Gulf New Energy Group and its partners perform their project development, design, EPC and O&M activities with financiers’ requirements in mind at all times.

Gulf New Energy Group manages the data collection for due diligence processes and collaborates with top advisors at a high level.

Gulf New Energy Group and its partners also have a wealth of experience in complex transaction documents – a prerequisite for targeted negotiations involving top advisors. In particular, a suitable mix of warranties and insurance - reflecting the risk profile of the investor - is required to lead negotiations to agreement.

EPC Contracting

EPC Contracting (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)

Combining Renewable Technology Experience With Local Execution

One approved and financed, the plant needs to be built within budget and on-time.

This requires a strong local partner who is able to implement complex construction projects within a clearly defined timetable. Gulf New Energy Group, on the other hand, provides its partners with execution design engineering for the plant and with know how in the procurement markets – a vital ingredient to competitive investment costs.

Complete Scope

EPC Contracts need to cover the full scope of plant construction and delegate full warranty responsibility to the EPC Contractor for

  • Infrastructure construction, land preparation
  • Construction of security fencing and installation of security systems
  • The Power Plant with all components
  • Grid connection - possibly including substations

Power plant construction usually involved consulting engineers who approve the execution design and manage the acceptance procedure including a trial period. Gulf New Energy Group and its partners understand the high level of requirements of these firms and work towards them.


Given the wide variety of technologies applied in renewable energy projects, Gulf New Energy Group works with the most experienced German design engineering firms in their respective field – solar and hybrid systems. These firms have been qualified by top international engineering consultants for a wealth of projects over many years.


Components and subcontracts are a major part of the cost of a renewable energy power plant. Knowhow of cost and quality levels of global component suppliers is key to controlling costs and assuring meaningful warranties, as much as is local sourcing of components and negotiation of subcontracts. Only a partnership of an experienced renewable energy developer and EPC with a strong local firm can fulfill these requirements.


Gulf New Energy Group’s partners are experienced large companies, which are firmly established in their infrastructure and construction markets with strong project and site management resources.

Plant Management

Maximizing returns over the long term

Plant Managemetn starts after the acceptance of a power plant.

Gulf New Energy Group and its partners offer unrivalled service for the plants they have built as we offer long term performance guarantees for the systems. In accordance, with the client’s requirement we offer such performance and success based fee structures.

Plant Management, or Operation and maintenance, includes not only the technical function, but also commercial management. Thus, beyond inspection, maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting and performance reporting, we offer financial management of the SPV in case of IPP-projects, including invoicing for electricity, accounting etc.

Our goal is to offer our investment partners ideal returns and an investment with maximum security. That’s why we rely on independent expert reports and quality certifications in all project phases. In addition, our own O&M services ensure that our completed solar power plants operate reliably for their entire lifespan.

Thanks to synergies in other areas of operation, our close ties with other developers, plus expert knowledge of equipment and components, we can ensure that costs remain well within budget and that plants operate with the highest level of reliability. 

In this context, plant operators select exactly what they need from a variety of different service modules. 

These include:
  • integrated after-sales service
  • technical plant management
  • centralised plant monitoring by our engineers
  • regular maintenance
  • in the unlikely event of a malfunction, our local partners are able to rectify and adjust immediately
  • remote monitoring of the plant’s operating data
  • processing error messages
  • creating monthly operating reports
  • preparing an inspection report after the annual inspection
  • optimising plant operation

Plant management

  • annual inspection of technical equipment
  • maintenance and troubleshooting
  • guaranteed technical availability
  • support in insurance and warranty cases

Expanded plant management

  • guaranteed performance ratio

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